Terms and Conditions

Terms and Conditions

*       Terms :  

Lessor – The person who gives the subject for rent

Lessee – The person who rents

*       What documents do we need to rent a car? 

To rent a car you will need a valid driving license with a minimum driving experience between 1 – 3 years + a valid ID card of the Republic of Moldova. (the minimum age is between 21 and 25 years, depending of the desirable car for rent). 

*       What is a car warranty and a deposit?

A car warranty is an amount of money that during the rental period – is blocked. In case the car is returned without any damage, the car warranty is immediately unblocked at the return of the rented car (the amount of the car warranty depends on: The car, the driving experience according to the driving license, Age of the Lessee).

The payment for the lease and the car warranty will be paid at the signing date of the lease contract.

*       What will happen in case of an accident?

In case that a car accident occurred during the lease period of the car you will have to call the emergency number 112 and at the same time you will have to immediately call your manager!

In case that the other driver is found guilty of the accident, the car is repaired on behalf of the RCA* (* Motor Vehicle Liability) of the guilty driver, the car warranty will not be withheld as long as you comply with the lease contract.

*       CarsRent.MD reserves the right to refuse to rent a car to persons, without giving any explanation!


    The Lessee complies:

1)       to use the car as intended, according to the technical rules and road traffic regulations and the provisions of this contract;

2)       to not use the car for pushing or towing other means of transport;


3)  to not drive the car under the influence of alcohol, drugs and other narcotic or psychotropic substances;

4)   to use the car only on the territory of the Republic of Moldova. In case the Lessee would like to drive the car abroad or on the region of the left side of Nistru River (Transnistria), is obliged to inform the Lessor about this and to obtain a written agreement from the Lessor.

5)   to return the rented car at the expiration of the period fixed in the Contract, in the same state as it was transmitted to the Lessee, taking into consideration the normal wear and tear of the car;

6)       to not use the car as TAXI or to drive – training;

7)       to not participate in car racing, testing or sport competitions;

8)       to not exceed the maximum speed of 130 km/ h, nor, if the Lessee during the rental period of the car infringes the speed limit of more than 130 km/h thrice, the Lessor is entitled to unilaterally terminate this contract and the money paid for the rent is not refunded.

9)       to not open the engine hood without the consent of the Lessor. If necessary, the Lessee can open the engine hood, but the Lessee will have to notify the Lessor by telephone, informing about the need to open the engine hood;

10)      to not give the car to a third party (with payment or free of charge), except with the written consent of the Lessor.

11)       to maintain the car clean in and out, and to ensure its security;


1)   If the Lessee returns the car in a worse shape than it was rented, the Lessee is obliged to repair the material injury to the Lessor. The Lessee must return the car in the same state as it was received.

2)       In case the car was implied in road traffic accidents and the Lessee is found to be guilty of the accident, the Lessee shall be liable of all the damage.

3)       The Lessee bears responsibility for the material and non – material damage caused to other people within the period of the lease if the damages are connected to the car under the Lease contract.

4)       The Lessee bears responsibility for the damages caused by the persons to whom he entrusted the car.

5)       In case the Lessee is late for car restitution, a penalty of 25% of the rent for 1 (one) day will be paid for each hour of delay. This penalty shall be calculated for a maximum of three consecutive hours of delay. If the Lessee has exceeded with three hours over the restitution hour of the car, the Lessee will pay a penalty equal to the value of the rent for 1 (one) day.

6)   In case the car is returned without being cleaned, or there are traces of dirt, the Lessee will pay an additional amount of: 250 MDL for simple cars; 300 MDL for SUV cars; 350 MDL for Vito cars; and 400 MDL for trucks.

7)   The car is equipped with GPS, which allows the speed, location, etc. of the car to be monitored. The Lessee agrees that the data provided by the GPS system are processed by the Lessor, and in the event of a breach under the Chapter VIII and IX of this Contract, determined with the help of the GPS system, the Lessee undertakes to pay the penalty.


1)   The transmission of the car to the Lessor is done based on the Receipt – Delivery Act that shall be signed by the two parties, in which the date and time of the transmission will be written.

2)     If at the restitution the car will have visible signs of damage and/ or deficiencies, they will be included in the Receipt – Delivery Act, after which the car will be examined by a company specialized to determine the material damage.

3)     The restitution of the car from the Lessee to the Lessor will be made based on the Receipt – Delivery Act, that will be signed by both parties, and which will include the restitution date and hour.

4)      The Lessee is obliged to return the rented car at the end of the period stipulated in the contract, in the state in which it was handed, taking into consideration the normal wear and tear of the car.


1.   This contract is drafted in two copies, one for each party.  

2.   The circumstances that are not covered by this Contract will be governed by the legislation in force of the Republic of Moldova.

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terms and conditions for renting a car, including required documents, car warranty and deposit information, procedures for accidents, lessee rights and obligations, and liability of both parties.